Extreme Outdoor Products of Mississippi

Extreme Outdoor Products have been shooting Mathews Bows long before we picked them up as one of our sponsors. Here are some reasons why we wanted Mathews to sponsor us:

1 - We wanted to use the best bow available.
2 - We wanted a bow that was quiet.
3 - We wanted a bow with a really smooth draw.
4 - We wanted a bow that was dependable.

We have received this and much, more from Mathews. Our bows have been shot a lot. When we do a show, we let the customers shoot our personal bows. We have had our bows dry fired 5 to 6 times in one show but we have never had a problem with the bows even after they were dry fired. Mathews Bows are easy to tune and rarely get out of it. Mathews is leading the way as far as the technology they have in their bows. We learned a long time ago, you get what you pay for. So on your next bow purchase don't just settle for a cheaper solution. Go by and see your nearest Mathews Dealer and start shooting the BEST bow on the market.

We at Extreme Outdoor Products have learned two very important things when it comes to bow hunting. In order to have success when hunting, you need to be accurate with the equipment you are using and it needs to be as quiet as possible. When you use the products made by Limb Saver you can bet your vibration and noise will be greatly reduced. Limb Saver has a great line of products to choose from and all of them will increase your chance on that once in a lifetime buck. Check out your nearest dealer and make your bow quiet as possible with Limb Saver.

At Extreme Outdoor Product, we shoot our bows a lot. We have used other company's targets, but we have yet to find one that holds up as well as the Morrell. Our targets get shot a ton at shows; its nothing to have 2 to 3 thousand arrows shot into our targets in a weekend. The Morrell Targets work well for us for two reasons:

1 - They last a long time whether your using your field points or broad heads.
2 - They are very easy to remove your arrows from.

Visit your local Morrell Dealer today!

The benefits of Starrflight:

1 - Superior flight characteristics - Designed by archers.
2 - Installs in seconds - No glues, fletching tools, cleaning or scraping.
3 - Instantaneous rotational torque - Simple broadhead tuning.
4 - Consistent flight every time - Injection molded, highest quality materials and tools.
5 - Utmost arrow penetration, stability and retained energy (speed).
6 - Faster the flight the better they fly.
7 - 70% less cross wind drift.
8 - No flight deformation - Reduced tail walk, wobble and chatter.
9 - Outlasts vanes 10 to 1 - Field replaceable rugged, durable and reusable.